Scope Of Work
I - Contractor Selection
How to find and choose the suitable construction company?

By knowing the weaknesses and strengths of our contractors part of our professional network, we help our clients to call for quotations from a list of qualified contractors pre-selected by Connecty team.
II - Quotation, Timeline, M&E and Technical Drawings Review
How to know which quotation and timeline is a good value for money for your project?

Our PM team and clients together go through and analyse each item of the quotation compared to the market standard price.
Connecty team advises our clients on alternatives and solutions for materials and construction work to optimise time and budget.
III - Material & Equipment Advisory
Our team constantly supports our clients to advise and compare material and equipments such as flooring, lighting or curtain's fabric. Thanks to our diverse supplier's database, our team collects quotations to recommend the most suitable offer based on our clients' requirements.
IV - Construction Quality Checking & Report
How does Connecty help?
During the entire construction from the signature of the contract until the handover of the construction, our team manages the daily construction progress by checking the work quality and having an overview on the daily tasks to be completed. Connecty team reports to our clients on the progress to help them to have clear visibility on the work and avoid any mistake and misunderstanding.

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